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Good printing service used by my daughter for her project. Staff were nice and gave good quality products as result which were up to the necessary criteria for my daughter's art project. Recommended for anyone in Harlow/Sawbo/Old Harlow area looking for somewhere for a more professional print   24-09-18


Ok for emergency but they are too broad, not enough specialist knowledge of animal vetinary practice.   24-09-18


Simple passport photo took a very long time because the owner/camera-man was unprepared and couldn't get it right, then seemed to do everything begrudgingly even though I'm paying him for his service! Not recommended - photos were poor anyway and not convinced he knows proper procedure for getting license photo requirements. Not a nice man.

Also BEWARE: the flood of 5 star reviews seem to come in direct response to the negative ones left here, presumably by the shop owner to try to boost his ranking/rating. Notice that they are all in the same broken English (I think he is Nigerian; was difficult to understand him).   10-10-17


Subway food is nice but this particular establishment is very very dirty! Hairs inside my sub and a funny smell on the bread. Definitely won't use again. Had to kick up a fuss to get a refund - staff were rude and seemingly all college teen chavs. Not recommended. Can't say whether this is a Subway thing or just this store - either way the manager needs to pull his finger out and sort out his staff and their hygiene practices.