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Dear Sir/Madam
This morning 11/04/21 I took the Amazon return parcel to this shop, as the one I did use for a long time stopped providing Hermes drop off box service.
On arrival there was a very young Asian man sitting behind a counter. He was not wearing masks. There was no one else in the shop.
I explained what I need and he pointed me to the screen so I could print the label. The shop I used before did not need a printed label. The shopkeeper would just scan my return label sent to me by email.
So I was unfamiliar with this service and struggled for a while - there was no shelf to put my hand bag,car keys, glasses ( I use for distance only), parcel itself and phone and no disinfectant wipes. It was a bit confusing also. In the process I dropped few items and my phone. Then I asked the shopkeeper for advice-how to use it. There was little acknowledgement from the shopkeeper and he kept his eyes glued to the phone. Finally I printed it and come up to the counter.
I told him that it would be nice if he helped me.
The boy said that he is not obliged to help me:” I don’t have to help you, darling. It’s self explanatory “.
I’m 63 year old woman, I don’t want to be called “ darling “ and it is not self explanatory. There was no one in the shop and he could have given me a few minutes of his time.
Then the older man came out. He also was not wearing the mask.I said to him : in England shopkeepers are usually very nice and ready to help. The young man started shouting-“what f.. country you came from” Instead of reasoning with the young man the older joined in.
I left the shop very upset, angry and also I have wasted my time- they didn’t take my parcel.   11-04-21